GlavUpDK comprises five branches and specialized structural subdivisions that provide a set of highly sought after services to the diplomatic community, corporate and private clients.

All commercial and residential properties of GlavUpDK are federally owned, which guarantees rental reliability and direct long-term rent agreements.

You can choose premises without intermediaries and commissions and receive a detailed description of every property piece. GlavUpDK guarantees legal security of deals. We are using only legal mechanisms for transactions and ensure a high degree of security for our tenants in the rental period. Agreements can be signed for up to three years for residential properties, and up to five years for office properties. GlavUpDK provides state registration of the rent agreements and additional documents by itself and at its own expense. Experienced professionals of public utility services, our long-term partners, maintain and operate residential and office properties.

We ensure registration of Russian citizens in rented properties, assist in the registration of foreigners, and provide an opportunity of accommodation with pets.

The Cultural Center of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia is a popular place for meetings between representatives of diplomatic missions, business, the media, and creative community in Moscow.

We have ample experience of managing concerts, receptions, exhibitions, banquettes, and weddings, as well as business, corporate and cultural events of various degrees of complexity. You can rent our halls to organize your business receptions, conferences, presentations, corporate events and banquettes, or we can organize your event on a turnkey basis.

GlavUpDK gives you an opportunity to hold events of various formats, from business negotiations to corporate and family events at its multifunctional complexes in prestigious neighborhoods of the capital city and countryside hotels near and far from Moscow (the Moscow Country Club and the Zavidovo Recreation Complex). Our equipped premises, infrastructure, and high-level service will deliver remarkable results.

The countryside hotels of GlavUpDK, Moscow Country Club and Zavidovo, invite you to admire the beauty of waters and forests, hunting and fishing, sports and SPA, cozy family evenings spent in front of a fireplace, barbeque with friends, restaurants serving gourmet food, and the invariably high level of service.

Here everyone will find an occupation to one’s liking. Friends and family will never forget your festive event, and corporate and business events will be productive and memorable.

An affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia, Medincentre, is one of the best multidisciplinary centers of Moscow. Its departments are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and operated by top-category physicians, Ph.D. and Doctors of Medicine, associate professors and professors knowledgeable of the best available practices of European schools. Partnerships with specialized clinics and research centers in Russia and Europe make possible consultations by doctors of unique specialties.

Medincentre serves employees of foreign diplomatic missions, and citizens of Russia and other countries on the basis of personal and insurance agreements. It conducts medical activity under license No. FS-99-01-009192 dated 09.02.2016.

Transport Maintenance Department (SpetsAvtoCenter), an affiliate of GlavUpDK founded in 1965, provides vehicle repair and maintenance services. Its clients include foreign embassies, diplomatic missions, major Russian and international companies, and individual automobilists.

The maintenance station is equipped with advanced diagnostic, maintenance, and measuring hardware enabling works of any complexity. Experienced professionals repair undercarriage, power and cooling systems, electrical and electronic control systems, steering and braking systems, as well as maintain and replace car body parts, bumpers and plastic parts. SpetsAvtoCenter is a vehicle inspection operator included in the register of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI).

The location in the center of Moscow, near the Kiyevskaya metro station, gives a competitive edge to SpetsAvtoCenter. The range of services it offers to automobilists is truly unique.

Inpredkadry, an affiliate of GlavUpDK, offers services of skilled specialists in the field of accounting, tax reporting, and audit services. You will not need to recruit your own personnel, organize additional work stations, pay for services of auditor companies, and take other efforts thanks to our employees.

By trusting Inpredkadry with your HR management, you will cut administrative and financial costs and will be able to concentrate on your business. What is more, your HR management will strictly comply with labor laws and minimize the risk of incompliance.

We guarantee top-grade professionalism of our employees and the use of state-of-the-art information and consulting systems and databases.

This is one of the most promising formats in modern city development: residences, apartments for short-term rent, offices, shops, sports facilities, concert halls, and utility services are brought together on the same premises. This is all a modern person needs for living, working, shopping, entertaining, and going in for sports; this is a special lifestyle and a level of comfort.

GlavUpDK was the first Russian company to open a multifunctional complex in Moscow. Nowadays our partners have a choice of the most comfortable accommodation in our four multifunctional complexes. The complexes were built by individual architectural designs in the Central, Southern, and Southwestern Administrative Districts of the capital.

It is prestigious and comfortable to live, work, and entertain in multifunctional complexes of GlavUpDK!