Business support

Inpredkadry, an affiliate of GlavUpDK, offers services of skilled specialists in the field of accounting, tax reporting, and audit services. You will not need to recruit your own personnel, organize additional work stations, pay for services of auditor companies, and take other efforts thanks to our employees.

By trusting Inpredkadry with your HR management, you will cut administrative and financial costs and will be able to concentrate on your business. What is more, your HR management will strictly comply with labor laws and minimize the risk of incompliance.

We guarantee top-grade professionalism of our employees and the use of state-of-the-art information and consulting systems and databases.

Book keeping and reporting, tax reconciliation, payroll accounting, income tax reporting, and consultations on tax and migration laws

Recruitment and leasing of personnel, resolution of labor disputes, HR administering, payroll accounting, and consultations on labor laws

Accreditation of foreign representative offices, military registration, translation and notarization of documents; consultations on tax and migration laws

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