Karaul orphanage named after G.V. Chicherin

A special page in the history of charity activities of GlavUpDK – cooperation with Karaul orphanage named after G.V. Chicherin. 
By the Decree of Tambov Regional Duma dated June 27, 2014 No.1195, the collective of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia was awarded the Prize of Tambov region for "Contribution to forming of civil society and popularization of heritage of B.N. and G.V. Chicherins", particularly, for beneficent help and constant care taken of the children of Karaul orphanage named after B.N. and G.V. Chicherins. 
The employees of GlavUpDK maintain a close contact with the children from this orphanage, annually receiving the letters to "Ded Moroz" from them, purchasing and presenting the New Year's gifts every year.
Moreover, we provided help to the orphanage in repair of roofing and façade of the building, complete overhaul of the gym and nutrition department, replacement of window frames, complete overhaul of escape routes and the central staircase. Four apartments have been repaired, the computer class has been upgraded.
For the needs of children and teachers we purchased a "Gazel" minibus, medical equipment, TV-sets, equipment for nutrition department, dumpling maker, sewing machines, agricultural machinery (baling machine PR-145S), case and upholstered furniture, Tricolor-TV package, washing machines, sports equipment, interactive whiteboard, projector and computer.