Rental property

All commercial and residential properties of GlavUpDK are federally owned, which guarantees rental reliability and direct long-term rent agreements.

You can choose premises without intermediaries and commissions and receive a detailed description of every property piece. GlavUpDK guarantees legal security of deals. We are using only legal mechanisms for transactions and ensure a high degree of security for our tenants in the rental period. Agreements can be signed for up to three years for residential properties, and up to five years for office properties. GlavUpDK provides state registration of the rent agreements and additional documents by itself and at its own expense. Experienced professionals of public utility services, our long-term partners, maintain and operate residential and office properties.

We ensure registration of Russian citizens in rented properties, assist in the registration of foreigners, and provide an opportunity of accommodation with pets.

GlavUpDK operates about 7,000 apartments of the business and economy class. The homes have an advantageous location in the Central Administrative District of the capital city, and in the environmentally clean Western and Southwestern Administrative Districts. Gated communities and a high degree of transport accessibility are additional benefits.

We are offering comprehensive solutions for offices and a broad range of options in the В and В+ categories. Offices are located in the Central Administrative District and nearby areas, within the Third Transport Ring. Most buildings have their own parking space and developed infrastructure.

This is a unique format achieving two purposes at the same time: office and residential properties can be leased in the same building. Onsite infrastructure gives tenants access to services without leaving the building. Here everything is ready for comfortable living, working, shopping, entertaining, and going in for sports.

Moscow Country Club Golf Resort has Russian-style cottages in 13 km from the Moscow along the Volokolamskoe shosse. Area of cottages from 112 to 467 sq.m. Rent - for up to 1 year. Unique opportunity to live in nature and use the service of the 5-star hotel.

Parking space for corporate and personal vehicles at specialized multilevel parking lots. Parking spots ranging from 11 to 22 square meters. The parking lots are gated and have an electronic access system and video-surveillance.

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