I.N. Voronova Interregional charitable non-governmental foundation "New Names"

Financial help in searching and supporting the young talents in the area of culture and art.

Charitable foundation "Touching the Hearts"

Payment for CENTRA HP hearing aids for the foster children of Sergiyev Posad orphanage for deaf and blind children.

Charitable foundation "Joy of Childhood"

Financing the purchase of talking book reading devices for blind students of educational orphanage of Mari El Republic.

Regional non-governmental charitable foundation of the Special Task Center of prompt response forces of Moscow Main Interior Department

Material help to the children of the diseased employees of the Center commemorating the Children's Day and financing the purchase of New Year's gifts for children.

Regional charitable non-governmental charitable foundation "Illustrated books for little blind children"

Participating in Program "Book as a gift" – financing the subscription for colorful illustrated relief books "Illustrations perception atlas" for children with impaired sight in specialized pre-school institutions in Russia.

Moscow International Paramusical Festival

Participation in financing.

Russian charitable non-governmental foundation helping the disabled and the participants of the Great Patriotic War "VICTORIA-1945"

Purchase of medical equipment for hospitals.

GlavUpDK provides organizational and other types of help to a series of charitable foundations and public organizations, such as mentioned before Interregional charitable non-governmental foundation "New Names", "Moscow Peace Foundation" and many others. Jointly with them we organize concerts, children's matinees, children's New Year parties, discos, exhibitions and guided tours for children from the sponsored orphanages for cultural and esthetic education of orphans, improvement of social living conditions and organization of leisure time.

Also, GlavUpDK traditionally renders support to Winter Charitable Fairs of the International women's club of Moscow, in which such branches of GlavUpDK as Recreation complex "Zavidovo", Moscow Country Club and "Medincenter" take an active part.

All the money raised during the Winter Fair, the International Women's Club allocates for charitable projects in Russia.