Multifunctional Complexes

This is one of the most promising formats in modern city development: residences, apartments for short-term rent, offices, shops, sports facilities, concert halls, and utility services are brought together on the same premises. This is all a modern person needs for living, working, shopping, entertaining, and going in for sports; this is a special lifestyle and a level of comfort.

GlavUpDK was the first Russian company to open a multifunctional complex in Moscow. Nowadays our partners have a choice of the most comfortable accommodation in our four multifunctional complexes. The complexes were built by individual architectural designs in the Central, Southern, and Southwestern Administrative Districts of the capital.

It is prestigious and comfortable to live, work, and entertain in multifunctional complexes of GlavUpDK!

113/1, Leninsky Prospekt

A unique architectural design with varying number of stories. The two-level atrium forms a magnificent lobby where special events are arranged for tenants. More than 300 residences (2-6 rooms, floor space of 70-170 square meters) with kitchen furniture and household appliances. Free-layout offices ranging from 60 to 190 square meters in space. Underground parking for 275 vehicles and a car wash.

4, Stasovoi Ul.

A 20-story building designed by architect Yaakov Belopolsky. Seventy-seven one and two-level residences (3-6 rooms, floor space of 85-235 square meters), including apartments. Each residence has modern household appliances and kitchen furniture and can be furnished consisted with the tenant’s wishes. Offices occupy five stories. There is a parking lot for 100 vehicles, a fitness club, a bar, a shop, and other infrastructure.

1, Novatorov Ul.

A sample of modern architecture. The building has nine sections with a variable number of stores. There are residential and office segments with separate entrances, and a zone of infrastructure. Premium interiors, climate control, and comprehensive security systems. Some 5,000 square meters of office space. A parking lot for 278 vehicles, a fitness club, a beauty parlor, a child care center, a café and bar, a mini-laundry, and other facilities. 

8, 4th Dobryninsky Per.

Close to the Garden Ring. The complex has an area of 92,000 square meters. Residences have three to seven rooms and a floor space of 130 to 300 square meters, with 3.1-meter ceilings. Modern layout, natural materials, excellent noise insolation, and in-built appliances. Office space grouped in several sections of the complex. There is a parking lot for 650 vehicles, video surveillance systems, conference halls, services for tenants, and infrastructure.   

42, Mosfilmovskaya Ul.

There is a business-class complex under construction with a floor area exceeding 22,000 square meters, including 112 residences, and an office zone. It is located in the direct proximity to the Lomonosovsky Prospekt metro station, the GlavUpDK Cultural Center, the Premier Sport sport-and-recreation complex, a golf field, and other infrastructure.

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