The Federal Law No 273-FZ “On Combating Corruption” of 25.12.2008 fixes the following notions:

1) corruption:

а) abuse of public office, giving or receiving bribes, abuse of powers, commercial graft or other illegitimate use by an individual of his/her official status against legal interests of society and the State to receive private gain in the form of money, values, other property or services involving property, and other property rights for himself/herself or for third parties, or illegal provision of such a benefit to the said individual by other individuals;

b) committing acts indicated in sub-paragraph “a)” of this paragraph on behalf or for the benefit of a legal entity;

2) combating corruption — activities undertaken, within their power, by federal government authorities, sub-federal government authorities, local self-government agencies, civil society institutions, organizations, and individuals and aimed to:

а) prevent corruption, including detection and subsequent eradication of causes of corruption (prevention of corruption);

b) detect, prevent, suppress, uncover, and investigate corrupt offences (fighting corruption);

c) minimize and/or eliminate consequences of corrupt offences.

Pursuant to the Federal Law of 25.12.2008 No 273-FZ “On Combating Corruption”, as well as within the framework of anti-corruption activities conducted by the Russian Foreign Ministry’s GlavUpDK, for ensuring better compliance of employees of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s GlavUpDK with the prohibitions, restrictions, obligations and rules of official conduct, developing intolerance in society towards corrupt behavior, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s GlavUpDK assigned an official responsible for work on the prevention of corruption and other offences, formed a department for the prevention of corruption and other offenses, and designated their functions.

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