The secrets of Moscow's mansions are revealed on the Objects of Cultural Heritage website

The Main Department of Architecture and History at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation presents a series of video clips titled "Secrets of Moscow Mansions". The lecturer in the series of videos is Anna Esparsa, historian and culturologist, lecturer in the Department of History at Lomonosov Moscow State University.
The website of the GlavUpDK "Objects of Cultural Heritage" contains 8 stories dedicated to the mansions of Z.Morozova (Spiridonovka 17), O. Korobkova (Pyatnitskaya 33-35), A. Kekusheva (Ostozhenka 21) and the house of A. Ermolov (Prechistenka 20).

The audience will learn not only the history of the capital's most beautiful mansions, but also interesting facts about the lives and lives of their residents.

Esparsa will reveal the secrets kept by the buildings. For example, he will tell why General Yermolov loved the mansion on Prechistenka so much, and why the famous dancer Alexandra Duncan slept in this house in a fur coat in the next century. The auditorium will "meet" historical figures to learn more about their everyday lives and hear how L.N. Kekushev chose interiors for his house, so reminiscent of a castle; and also how relationships were built between S.T. Morozov's wife, Zinaida, and the great Russian artist M.A. Vrubel during the work on the interiors of the beautiful mansion in Spiridonovka. GlavUpDK and A. Esparsa will also give everyone the opportunity to 'look inside' the unique lavender castle, the colour of whose façade impressed Muscovites in the early 20th century.

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