Medincentre Celebrates its 72nd Anniversary

On March 6, Medincentre, a branch of GlavUpDk and the only medical centre of its kind in Moscow, celebrated its 72nd anniversary.

Founded in 1948 by an order of the USSR Council of Ministers, the clinic is renowned for its outstanding specialists, advanced equipment and high standards of service.

Medincentre is a multi-profile clinic in the centre of Moscow, with its own in-patient facilities in the grounds of the S.L. Botkin hospital. Laboratory diagnostic tests are performed by the Russian - Swiss Unimed Laboratories, Russia’s first laboratory to be certified as compliant with international quality standards.

The clinical diagnostics centre has specialists in almost all areas of medicine. It also provides cosmetology and massage services, and performs medicinal leech and reflexotherapy procedures. A cosmetic medicine department is also being developed. The centre has a specially equipped room for medical physiotheraphy procedures, which must be individually prescribed by a doctor.

The in-patient section provides a full cycle of treatment, from initial diagnosis to rehabilitation in the cardiology, neurology, surgery, oncology and other specialist departments. The centre also offers out-patient consultations in most areas of medicine.

The clinic has its own ambulance service, and patients can be hospitalised in its in-patient section or in other leading Moscow clinics.

In addition to Russian citizens, Medincentre provides services to people from more than 180 different countries, including staff of diplomatic missions and foreign companies. It has approximately 40,000 registered patients, and its specialists can see up to 600 people a day.

The clinic’s team has more than 500 specialists, including honoured doctors and specialists with higher degrees in medicine. It also employs interpreters who speak English, Spanish and French, among other languages.

The clinic is still growing, and introducing new services that can help its patients stay healthy.

To find out more about the clinic or make an appointment, call:+7 (495) 933-86-48 or  +7 (495) 933-86-49.

Office responsible for registration of foreign citizens: +7 (499) 237-17-06. 4, 4th Dobryninsky Pereulok, Moscow