International Women’s Club meets at Cultural Center

International Women’s Club meets at Cultural Center

Members of the International Women’s Club that unites spouses of ambassadors, diplomats, and foreign businessmen working in Russia have met at the Cultural Center of GlavUpDK.

Meri Toganyan, the wife of the Armenian ambassador and the Club President in the season 2018-2019, opened the meeting. This is the first time the Club, founded over 30 years ago, is led by a representative of a CIS member state.

Toganyan greeted participants in the meeting and thanked them for actively responding to the Club’s initiatives; she also lauded hospitality of the Cultural Center and GlavUpDK’s support given to the Club from day one. In addition, she told the audience about preparations for the traditional Winter Bazaar, which will take place at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel on December 1, 2018.

The Winter Bazaar is the key event of the annual program of the International Women’s Club. It familiarizes visitors with culture and traditions of various countries and contributes to the Club’s initiatives. Funds raised from selling tickets to the Bazaar are spent on charity, such as assistance to poor families and sick children.

The meeting of International Women’s Club members was held in an amicable atmosphere. Young performers of the New Names Foundation graced the concert, where classic piano, violin and balalaika music was played.

Craftsmen from all over Russia presented designer clothes, including fur items, Pavloposad shawls, exclusive jewelry with gems, jewelry boxes, and other handcraft products. Guests of the Cultural Center were particularly interested in the collection of rag dolls made by members of the Russian Association of Quilting Masters.


The International Women’s Club was founded in Moscow in 1978 as a non-political non-profit organization. The primary objective of the Club is to strengthen friendship and develop cultural relations between various peoples, as well as to implement charity programs.

GlavUpDK enthusiastically supported the Club in 1978 and has been rendering practical support throughout the Club’s history.

Traditionally, an ambassador’s spouse is elected Club president.

The Club has over 400 members, mostly female ambassadors, spouses of heads of diplomatic missions and diplomats, and businessmen from 110 countries. Club members are guided by the principles of cooperation, peace, and neighborliness in their activity.