Konstantin Gribkov, Golf Director of the Moscow Country Club, honoured by the British Professional Golfers’ Association

The British Professional Golfers’ Association has awarded Konstantin Gribkov, Golf Director of the Moscow Country Club, the status of PGA Advanced Professional.

Just four professionals from outside Britain have been awarded the status of PGA Advanced Professional in 2019. The Qualifying Committee, made up of representatives from the R&A, the University of Birmingham and highly-respected members of the PGA evaluates candidates’ achievements in relation to organising tournaments, managing golf clubs and sales, their level of play, the steps they take to develop skill levels and promote golf, including participation in seminars and conferences, and their published articles and videos.

Konstantin Gribkov has been a member of the Professional Golf Association since 2009. He started playing golf in 1991, and started training at the Moscow Country Club Children’s Golf Academy in 1995. He became a professional golfer in 2004, and started working as a golf coach at the Moscow Country Club in the same year. In 2009 he completed his training at the PGA, and was awarded the status of PGA certified professional.

Moscow Country Club is considered Russia’s largest golf club by number of members, with more than 400 players. However, unlike many other clubs, it is open to anyone.

Professional golfers lead lessons and master classes. The Club’s team: Neil Sweeney, PGA Advanced Professional, who has worked as a head coach for the national teams in England, Germany, Cyprus and Russia; Denis Kuryan, participant in the Russian Cup and Russian Open professional tournaments; Alexei Ezhikov, head coach for the Moscow Region golf team.

The Club has a dedicated training golf course, where you will be shown the best technique and you can master the rules of the game. A 55 minute lesson with a professional coach on the legendary course designed by Robert Trent Johnson costs 5000 roubles, similar to the cost of a mountain ski lesson. The Club also has a Children’s Golf Academy.