Medincentre takes care of women’s health

Medincentre takes care of women’s health

The Medincentre (an affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) is launching 2 comprehensive programmes for women: Future Mum and 45+. Examinations are available at the clinical and diagnostic centre and lasts 1 to 2 days.

The Future Mum programme provides laboratory and instrumental examination techniques both for women and men, since both parents are responsible for the health of their expected children.

Pregnancy planning supervised by a competent specialist will help avoid or minimise complications during the pregnancy and labour. Should any health issues be found during the examination, additional examination and appointments with specialists will be offered in order to provide treatment thereof.

At a mature age, a woman’s endocrine profile changes, the reproductive function declines, which is often accompanied by various diseases. One has to monitor one’s health in order to minimise the risk of developing a grave illness.

The Medincentre-designed programme is a comprehensive preventative examination for women aged 45 and more. The programme includes laboratory and instrumental examination techniques necessary for diagnosing illnesses: oncological screening, blood chemistry value tests, osteoporosis marker test, etc. Depending on the examination findings, specialist will offer treatment plans.

Getting a medical examination as per one of the programmes saves not only time, but also money, since a comprehensive examination costs much less.

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