Zavidovo is now closer than ever

Zavidovo is now closer than ever

The Zavidovo complex (an affiliate of GlavUpDK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is now closer than ever: a journey to the resort located in an environmentally-friendly spot on the Volga River bank with its secluded rural life won’t take much any longer.

The Tver Region opened the M-11 federal road joining Klin and Tver. Now the whole 135 km distance between the Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) and Tver can be covered in a straight line. A ramp to Zavidovo has been built at the 124 km milestone of the highway.

The M-11 toll highway runs parallel to M-10. It would take a little longer than an hour to reach the resort complex starting from MKAD while bypassing a great many traffic jams around the local communities.

Furthermore, a comfortable rapid train Lastochka running from Moscow to Tver departs from the Leningradsky Rail Terminal every day. The tickets are available at

Zavidovo offers accommodation both in cottages and town houses, as well as comfortable hotel suites.

The resort complex territory has 4 restaurants serving traditional Russian and European dishes; great animation entertainment for the whole family is available every weekend.

The guests can also enjoy the sports complex, the bathhouse complex, the swimming pool and spa; water transport and sports equipment is available for rent.

Find out more and make a reservation by phone:

+7 (499) 248-99-99