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Historic building restoration projects

The important direction of the activity of GlavUpDK is the participation of the program of maintenance of city cultural-historical heritage and care of the condition of over 150 old residences, being the history of the capital and development of the Russian architectural traditions since the beginning of XVII century.

Created at its time under the order of the huge Russian merchants and manufacturers – Ryabushinskie, Morozovy, Vtorovy, Igumnovy – now that mansions convey the unique sense of the past epochs, as by the magnificent façade, as by the original decoration.

The activity of GlavUpDK of restoration and renovation of the assigned architectural monuments is irrevocably granted the highest estimation by the Government of Moscow. Thus in 2013 the administration obtained five deserved awards for the victory at the competition ‘Moscow restoration 2013’, nominated for ‘the Best management of reparation-restoration works’. 

Implication of the modern technologies of construction, usage of carefully selected materials and equipment allow to breathe a new life into the inestimable monuments of the Russian architecture, not only to maintain its historical look, but also to comply with the highest requirements of the contemporary life of the megalopolis. 


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